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List of 7 simple actions to help birds.

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You can become a part of the Kickapoo Bird Habitat Initiative by submitting your bird observations through eBird. Simply log into your account, submit a checklist as usual, but on the last page before submitting, share your checklist to the “Kickapoo Bird Habitat Initiative” account. By typing the Initiative name into the “share checklist” textbox, eBird will share your checklist with us, and you will be contributing important information on the birds that use our unique landscape!

For a representative list of birds in the Kickapoo-Wildcat Important Bird Area, visit the Birds of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve.
Acadian flycatcher on a branch. Small lighter gray bird with white and black stripes on its wings and black eyes.

Photo by Dan Jackson

Acadian Flycatcher
Black-throated green warblers perched amongst a bunch of green leaves. Has a yellow head, black beach, yellowish chest, and yellowish wings with lots of white and black banding.

Photo by Dan Jackson

Black-Throated Green Warbler
Yellow bird with dark head hanging upside down from a branch - Nashville warbler

Photo by Harry Peterson

Nashvillle Warbler
Magnolia Warblers on a tree. Chest is yellow with black stripes. Back is gray with white on wings. Black mask over eye.

Photo by Dan Jackson

Magnolia Warbler