Kickapoo bird habitat initiative

Large brown and white owl with tufts on head in a tree - Great horned owl

Photo by Harry Peterson

Valley Stewardship Network, as part of the interagency Kickapoo Bird Habitat Initiative, is honored to be the recipient of the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Partnership Grant for a project entitled "Bird Habitat Management for the Kickapoo-Wildcat Important Bird Area through Landowner Outreach and Public Lands Coordination." The Kickapoo Bird Habitat Initiative will work to connect and improve bird habitat within and around the 54,000 acre Kickapoo-Wildcat Important Bird Area by coordinating management plans on public lands, providing public outreach highlighting the importance of our area for migratory and resident birds, and connecting landowners with land management recommendations and resources for bird habitat connectivity and enhancement. The Kickapoo Bird Habitat initiative, coordinated by Valley Stewardship Network, represents the Ho-Chunk Nation, Kickapoo Valley Reserve, Wildcat Mountain State Park, Mississippi Valley Conservancy, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource, and local bird experts Barbara Duerksen, Eric Epstein, and Paul Hayes.

Header photo by Dan Jackson.